New Publications

We are pleased to announce three brand new sheet music publications by Phyllis Avidan Louke:

Sonatina for Two Flutes

Madama Butterfly Suite for Flute Quartet or Choir

Pandas in the Bamboo Forest for Flute Choir

2018 Portland Flute Spa & Flute Choir Retreat

The 2018 Portland Flute Spa & Flute Choir Retreat will be held on June 29 – July 1, 2018 with Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke.

P1200306--croppedThis Participatory Flute Spa and Flute Choir Retreat is for Flutists, Age 18 – Adult (especially for teachers, flute choir directors and members)

($275 for registrations received after May 1st)
Special pricing for 3 or more registering at the same time, and for previous attendees.


Flute Spa:  By definition, a visit to a spa is meant to invigorate you, to make you stop and take time to think, to relax, to re-assess why you do what you do. In this case, a Flute Spa is designed to give you some new perspectives on how to approach your flute playing—everything from scales to body position to practice technique. Even though this spa won’t feature massages, manicures or hot tubs, we know that you will come away with a new focus for your performing and practicing skills. Patricia George has presented Flute Spas to rave reviews at flute clubs throughout the United States and at the NFA Convention.

Flute Choir:  We will show you ways to incorporate the Flute Spa experience into the Flute Choir setting to improve everything from group warm-ups and getting a singing, ringing sound to group phrasing, ease in technical work, and playing as a cohesive ensemble. Flute Choir Reading Sessions conducted by Phyllis Louke will focus on the latest and greatest flute choir repertoire as well as some old favorites. The weekend will conclude with a flute choir performance at a local venue.

Honors for Our Publications
We are pleased to announce that several of our publications have been award-winners in the National Flute Association Newly Published Music Competition in the category of Flute Methods:

2015 Finalist:  THE ART OF CHUNKING 
2014 Winner:  FLUTE 103: Mastering the Basics
2013 Winner:  FLUTE 102: Mastering the Basics
2012 Honorable Mention:  THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK: A Path to Artistry


Patricia George’s Video Demonstrations can be found at Flute Resources

1.  Phrasing gestures used in our publications:  Down/Up and Forward Flow,
2.  Vibrato

Our Goals
Patricia George & Phyllis Louke

Patricia George & Phyllis Louke

  • Enriching the technical, creative and musical development of flutists.
  • Working together to improve the standard of teaching in the flute community.
  • Providing quality teaching publications that help promote a lifelong love of music. 
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♫ New Releases

Sonatina for Two Flutes

Flute Duet
Sonatina for Two Flutes by Phyllis Avidan Louke (pub. Falls House Press) For sample pages: click here

Madama Butterfly Suite

Flute Quartet or Choir
Madama Butterfly Suite by Phyllis Avidan Louke (pub. Falls House Press) For sample pages: click here

Pandas in the Bamboo Forest

Flute Choir
Pandas in the Bamboo Forest (pub. ALRY Publications)

♫ Our Publications

New Flute ScaleHonorable Mention in the 2012 NFA Newly Published Music Competition
THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK: A PATH TO ARTISTRY is designed for a lifetime of use with embouchure development and scale exercises perfect for younger players, and more advanced exercises including audition scales, phrasing studies, major and minor scales, thirds, arpeggios, seventh chords, modal scales, chromatic intervals, tonguing exercises and more, extended to D4 and beyond, to satisfy the needs of professional players. Spiral bound. 144 pages.
More info (including sample pages and videos)

new flute 101

FLUTE 101: MASTERING THE BASICS uniquely comprehensive teaching resource which, in one book, takes the student through the introductory and beginning curriculum. The innovative lesson plans present, in a clear and logical sequence, songs, duets, and creative activities to develop tone, technique, and musicianship. Spiral bound. 80 pages.
More info (including sample pages and videos)

New Flute 102Winner in 2013 NFA Newly Published Music Competition
continues the technical, creative, and musical development of intermediate flutists by integrating etudes, solo repertoire, orchestral excerpts, duets, and contemporary techniques in the major and relative minor keys of F, G, B-flat, D, E-flat, A, and C into an innovative curriculum. Spiral bound. 100 pages.
More info (including sample pages and videos)

New Flute 102 Piano

FLUTE 102: PIANO ACCOMPANIMENTS includes piano accompaniments for the flute solos found in Flute 102: Mastering the Basics, including solos by Verdi, Dvořák, Gossec, Bizet, Telemann, Gabriel-Marie, Donjon, Mozart, Marcello, and Concone. 48 pages.
More info (including sample pages)

New Flute 103 Winner in 2014 NFA Newly Published Music Competition
FLUTE 103: MASTERING THE BASICS continues the technical, creative, and musical development of advanced intermediate flutists by integrating etudes, solo repertoire, duets, and contemporary techniques in the major and relative minor keys of A-flat, E, D-flat, B, and G-flat into an innovative curriculum. Spiral bound. 92 pages.
More info (including sample pages and videos)

new flute 103 Piano

FLUTE 103: PIANO ACCOMPANIMENTS includes piano accompaniments for the flute solos found in Flute 103: Mastering the Basics, including solos by Andersen, Donizetti, Gluck, Handel, Pessard, and Popp. 36 pages.
More info

New art of chunking

Finalist in 2015 NFA Newly Published Music Competition
presents the first and only method for flutists to master the process of “chunking” as a pedagogical technique. Through exploration of technical studies, etudes, preludes, cadenzas, and solos, the flutist is introduced to basic through advanced chunking to facilitate reading and tone development. Spiral bound. 162 pages.
More info (including sample pages and videos)


Vibrato is one of the most controversial topics in flute playing. Part of the mystique of flute vibrato has been the lack of understanding about how it is produced. Modern technology has now given us the tools to understand vibrato production. Once understood, it becomes clear how to approach the teaching of vibrato. Practicing these vibrato exercises daily and recording your practice frequently will guide your path to artistry.  48 pages.  More info (including sample pages)  

FLUTE MUSIC OF PHYLLIS AVIDAN LOUKE is now available for purchase at Shop Online. Browse our offerings of music for flute and piano, duets, trios, quartets, and flute choir, including music for Flexible Flute Ensemble and innovative music to use in the teaching studio from this award-winning composer.


See our full catalog for
Flute Music for Beginners to Advanced

  • “I can recommend The Flute Scale Book wholeheartedly to all those of you who would like to have some good advice on how to practice scales. A great deal of thought and intelligent detail has gone into this book and the result is an original book on scales. I am happy to say I have this book in my library.”  - Sir James Galway, March 2010
  •   “I recommend Flute 102:  Mastering the Basics for teachers and students. I appreciate the thoughtful, valuable exercises and repertoire employed throughout the book. This is a wonderful resource and strong launch pad for learning.” - Marianne Gedigian, Professor of Flute, University of Texas, Austin, April 2011
  • “The Flute Scale Book creatively underscores the importance of thoughtful, artistically informed technical study–a concept integral to fruitful practice, rewarding performances, and insightful pedagogy. This inspiring volume is an invaluable addition to the technical literature for our instrument.” - Leone Buyse, Mullen Professor of Flute, Rice University, June 2011
  • “The title says it all: The Flute Scale Book – A Path to Artistry. According to August Rodin, “How would the greatest poet fare in a foreign land whose language he wouldn’t know?” The tenderest moments of music, the most emotional throes of passion, the most dazzling technical interpretation, all of what we love about the flute have a common denominator: instrumental playing, also called technique. It is the thoroughness of this book that will help flutists of all levels achieve higher goals. It is “La Scala di Seta”, the Silken Scale (ladder) of the flute.” - Michel Debost, Professor of Flute (Retired), Oberlin Conservatory, June 2011
  • “With inspiring quotes from Nadia Boulanger and loads of real world practical advice, The Flute Scale Book will help students turn scale practice from drudgery into creative exploration. I love the inclusion of many types of modal scales and the use of harmonic fingerings for embouchure development. The Flute Scale Book is a world in itself. Go, explore and enrich your playing!” - Robert Dick, American flutist, composer, and author, June 2011
  • “LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the alternate 3rd octave “more in tune” options on the FLUTE 101: MASTERING THE BASICS fingering chart. Can’t tell you how many times contest judges have scolded my students for using those fingerings!  LOVE the Just for Fun sections.” - Teresa Muir, Flute Teacher, Chicago, IL, July 2009
  • “I like FLUTE 101: MASTERING THE BASICS better than any other beginning method book out there.” - Helen Spielman, Performance Anxiety Coach and Flute Teacher, Chapel Hill, NC, July 2009
  • “FLUTE 101: MASTERING THE BASICS is what all we teachers have been waiting for! The book is sensible, practical and makes learning the flute FUN!” - Mary Sand, Flute Teacher, Cromwell, CT, July 2009
  • “I found FLUTE 101: MASTERING THE BASICS to be a thorough tutorial including many extras for the beginning student as well as a great collection of original compositions and familiar tunes and duets.  Every facet of flute playing is introduced in a natural sequence and with this book, the beginning student advances quite quickly.” - Elly Ball, Flute Teacher, Hoff-Barthelson School, Scarsdale, NY, July 2009
  • “I love how you have FLUTE 101: MASTERING THE BASICS set up to start octaves right away. The extensive preface section is AWESOME!   I am gearing up to start teaching again next week.  I will definitely use this book for my intermediate students to work on musicality and phrasing.” - Liz Morse, Flute Teacher, Ames, IA, August 2009
  • “…[FLUTE 102: MASTERING THE BASICS] systematically takes the intermediate flutist through important stages of music development.  George and Louke do an excellent job of explaining all terminology and guiding the teacher on how to teach phrasing and other concepts.  In a way Flute 102 services as not only a method for students but also a pedagogical manual for teachers…  The material is interesting and varied and would easily allow the teacher to make sure there are not holes in the student’s knowledge…” - Rebecca Johnson, Flutist Quarterly, Spring 2013
  • “Three cheers for Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke’s Flute 102: Mastering the Basics! This remarkable duo have designed a volume that provides a broad spectrum of important components for flute fluency.  Its carefully organized chapters effectively enhance my proficiency, musical knowledge and creativity. Practice is a joy due to its wide variety of flute specialized scales, etudes, tunes and classical pieces. My flute playing ability has significantly improved thanks to this outstanding book!” - Jill Kirkham, Business Owner; Member Suite 212 Flute Choir; Adult Flute Student, Pocatello, ID, June 2011
  • “…[FLUTE 103: MASTERING THE BASICS] is an excellent addition to the repertoire for the middle-level flutist.  Third in the inventive Mastering the Basics series, this well-organized volume includes five chapters devoted to studies in the keys of Ab, E, Db, B, and Gb and their relative minors…  “This innovative method is the most thorough and systematized approach available in today’s marketplace.” - Diane Boyd Schulz, Flute Talk Magazine, May/June 2014
  • “…Flute 103: Mastering the Basics is the most comprehensive, thoroughly written, and well-organized method and solo collection available for the intermediate flute student.  George and Louke’s newest addition to the outstanding Mastering the Basic series is an essential volume for studio teachers working with developing flutists and for advanced flutists seeking an excellent source of creative and effective warm-up material to further their own practice.” - Cristina Ballatori, MTNA Journal, December/January 2013/2014
  • “With Flute 103: Mastering the Basics, Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke have compiled an excellent intermediate method book that includes a varied collection of solos and a supplementary volume of their piano accompaniments…  “This is a wonderful compilation of distinctive works for the intermediate player.  The outstanding performance guides and composer biographies add depth to the volume.  I especially like the creative exercises using techniques such as harmonics to find a tone that “blooms,” short tonguing exercises, multiphonics, trills, and the preluding exercises in each key… “On the front cover is a clear fingering chart and on the back cover are insightful, yet simple, suggestions concerning musical phrasing.  In addition, on the last few pages of the book, George has written excellent notes on methods of technical practice and ways to learn to play more musically.  These notes are appropriate for players or teachers of any level.  The area concerning musically informed performance covers the concepts of breathing (based on the teaching of William Kincaid), melodic contour, beat strength, and style.  I heartily recommend this book.  It is a wonderful addition to the flute library.” - Andrea Loewy, The Flutist Quarterly, Summer 2014
  • “Despite the lengthy list of exercises, [THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK] is not a mere collection of notes but a well-organized approach that offers sample practice plans, thoughtful instructional prose, possibilities for players at every level, many variations of articulation and rhythm, and clear graphics…   … “While the title indicates an emphasis on scales, throughout the book it is clear that the true emphasis is on mastering technique as a means to heightened expression, phrasing, and musical artistry.  It is a must-have for flutists at every level…” - Diane Boyd-Schultz, Flute Talk Magazine, September 2012
  • “…Throughout [THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK], Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke have written excellent teaching materials, helping the student or teacher understand how sound is produced and by what means the flute can be played beautifully and efficiently.  Materials contained within the book can be used very early in a flutist’s study, and professional flutists looking for a new routine will have their needs satisfied by the exercises included.  This is one of the most carefully though-out and comprehensive methods for flute study available, and a valuable resource for students and teachers of all levels.” - Rebecca Johnson, Flutist’s Quarterly, Spring 2012
  • “The premise of The Flute Scale Book is absolutely wonderful – building skills to enhance music making. I recommend it to the beginner to establish an excellent foundation on the flute, practice habits, and musical concepts, and to the more advanced player to refine and organize practice.  This is a book to keep you growing.” - Marianne Gedigian, Professor of Flute, Butler School of Music, University of Texas at Austin, June 2011
  • “Not since the time of Taffanel & Gaubert has there been such a complete yet modern guide to the most fundamental aspect of flute technique: Scales. The Flute Scale Book is well thought out and its highly organized, structured layout makes easy for Anyone to find their most effective way to work on Scales, phrasing and technique. I enjoy it tremendously and highly recommend it.” - Marco Granados, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA, June 2011
  • “The Flute Scale Book is a marvelous book which should be on every flutist’s stand, from elementary to professional level. Beautifully organized, its breadth is exhaustive and the many practice patterns are highly beneficial.  I love the addition of the wonderful Nadia Boulanger quotes.” - Carl D. Hall, Principal Piccolo, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, June 2011
  • “I recommend The Flute Scale Book to anyone who wants daily guidance and discipline in flute playing through scales and technical exercises. Daily scale practice has been a proven teacher of technique and, over time, leads the player to a higher level of artistry. The Flute Scale Book, with a basic overview of form and theory and great suggestions for practice, is a necessary and constructive addition to any flute player’s library.” - Amy Porter, Professor of Flute, University of Michigan School of Music, June 2011
  • “The Flute Scale Book: A Path to Artistry is outstanding – one of the best and most useful fundamental technique books ever. In fact it’s really several books in one as it offers a detailed, musically-aware approach to technique building and maintenance from beginner to advanced level. I can’t recommend it too highly.” - Dr. Stephen Preston, Professor of Historical Flutes at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, June 2011
  • The Flute Scale Book: “Everything you ever needed you know about scales, and more!” - Gary Schocker, Flutist and Composer, June 2011
  • “I earned my DMA in Flute Performance and Pedagogy in 1988. The Topic of my Monograph was “A Comparison and Application of Select Teaching Methods for The Flute by Henri Altes, Paul Taffanel-Philippe Gaubert, Marcel Moyse and Trevor Wye”. I included these methods in my research because I felt they were the major steps in the pedagogical development of the Western European Transverse Flute. After studying from The Flute Scale Book: A Path to Artistry and now using it as a daily staple of my practice routine, I can easily say this book is the next major step in the pedagogical development of the Transverse Flute.  Patricia and Phyllis….WELL DONE!!!” - David Etienne, Professor of Music, Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR, April 2010
  • “This marvelous new scale book is written by two instructors who truly know how to teach scales in a thorough manner. The book is brilliantly conceived to be used with the earliest beginners or by the most advanced flutists, whether children or adults. I’m currently using it with my own students and I love the dazzlingly wonderful vast array of exercises from which I can choose to suit each individual. This book can be an intelligent, interesting, lifelong guide for any flute player.” - Helen Spielman, Performance Anxiety Coach and Flute Teacher, Chapel Hill, NC, February 2010
  • “Just have to drop you a note about how much I am enjoying and benefiting from The Flute Scale Book. It is much more than the title implies. It really is almost a replacement for about half my library of flute method and etude material.  The key to the success of your work is the combined effect of the order, variety of scales, tone development, phrasing, arpeggios, intervals, and fingering material.  Overall, the combination of advice, exercises, and playing material is just the right balance and mixture of elements to give me a good daily workout in the minimum amount of time.” - Jerrold Pritchard, CSU San Bernardino Flute Professor (retired), West Linn, OR, February 2010
  • “I absolutely LOVE your scale book!! It is PHENOMENAL!! WOW!! You guys have done something AMAZING!!! I’ll use it for my students AND myself!!” - Sharyn Byer, Flute Teacher and Performer, Falls Church, VA, February 2010
  • “Love The Flute Scale Book. Well, what I’ve seen of it. My husband took it over for a while for his band classes.” - Sariah Calkins Sharp, Flutist, Gilbert, AZ, January 2010
  • “The Art of Chunking is a fantastic book! I want all my students to work on this.” - Hideko Amano, Flute Teacher and Performer, Chicago, IL, September 2014
  • “This is a new method designed to facilitate learning through chunking…  In this unique format, the flutist slurs an inch of notes followed by a rest… (to) allow for processing of patterns, and perform with greater accuracy and confidence… Additional musical bonbons provide opportunities for articulation, intonation, and embouchure and tone development… Designed to follow the authors’ Mastering the Basics series, this new offering is similarly well-planned, concise, and pedagogically sound.” - Diane Boyd Schultz, Flute Talk Magazine, September 2016
  • “This is a comprehensive and practical guide for teachers and students of all ages.  Believing that vibrato should be taught within the first year of play, the authors provide specific exercises as well as melodies organized by meter for developing vibrato…  specific tips about how vibrato is produced and how it shuld be used artistically enrich the text….  Included are helpful pedagogical hints about proper playing stance and phrasing ideas, including repeated notes and articulatory silences, two-note slurs and sigh figures….” - Katherine Borst Jones, Flute Talk Magazine, December 2016