FLUTE 101:  Mastering the Basics

A Method for the Beginning Flutist with Teaching and Phrasing Guides

by Phyllis Avidan Louke and Patricia George

(pub. Theodore Presser Company)

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is a uniquely comprehensive teaching resource which, in one book, takes the student through the introductory, beginning, and intermediate curriculum. The innovative lesson plans present, in a clear and logical sequence, songs, duets, and creative activities to develop tone, technique, and musicianship. The pioneering set of teaching and phrasing guides make this a must-have staple of the flute teaching studio. Spiral bound. 80 pages.  Reviews

Special Features:

• Enriches the technical, musical, and creative development of beginning flutists.
• Warm-ups, skill practice, and supplemental activities based on learning theory research.
• Numerous duets to promote aural and rhythmic skills.
• A variety of activities that address different learning styles.
• An extensive collection of well-known songs and supplemental Christmas and Hanukah duets.
• A Teacher’s Guide with a wealth of information and innovative teaching ideas.
• A Phrasing Guide presents an organized curriculum to explore musical phrasing.
• Perfect for use in the private studio, university studio, and woodwind methods classes.
• An innovative approach to teaching beginners!

Flute 101:  Mastering the Basics reinforces that:

• Beginners deserve an organized and creative curriculum.
• Beginners have a variety of learning styles that need to be addressed creatively.
• Beginners enjoy learning the fundamentals when they can experience the benefits.
• Beginners are action-oriented and like to play solos and duets.
• Beginners CAN play with a beautiful sound.
• Beginners CAN learn to use the air speed artistically.
• Beginners CAN play musically.

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