The Flute Scale Book

THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK: A Path to Artistry

by Patricia George and Phyllis Avidan Louke

(pub. Theodore Presser Company)

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A Book for a Lifetime

Honorable Mention in the 2012 NFA Newly Published Music Competition
is ideal for every flutist from student to professional, and fulfills the teacher’s and performer’s dream list of scale studies.  Besides the scales, there is a chapter on what to do with the notes once you have learned them.  Also included are Practice Guides with hundreds of rhythms and articulation patterns to practice any group of six or eight notes, and a comprehensive and flexible set of study plans.  THE FLUTE SCALE BOOK is designed for a lifetime of use with embouchure development and scale exercises perfect for younger players, and advanced exercises to satisfy the needs of professionals.  It is fast becoming a staple of the flute teaching studio. Spiral bound.  144 pages.  Reviews

Special Features:

• Major, Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales
• Scale Studies (Neighboring Tone, Gruppetto, and Rips)
• Modal, Chromatic, Octatonic, Whole Tone, Blues and Pentatonic Scales
• Major and Minor Thirds and Sixths
• Major, Minor, Diminished and Augmented Arpeggios
• Chromatic Diminished Triads and Chromatic Diminished Seventh Chords
• Dominant Seventh and Major Seventh Chords
• Warm-ups and Embouchure Development Exercises
• Phrasing Guides and Practice Patterns for Groups of 6 or 8 notes
• Third and Fourth Octave Exercises and Fingering Charts

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For sample pages and other resources, see below.

Sample Pages:




Video Demonstrations of Phrasing Gestures in Chapter 2:

Phrasing Gestures 1: Down/Up (2 notes)
Phrasing Gestures 2: Down/Up (4 notes)
Phrasing Gestures 3: Down/Up (8 notes)
Phrasing Gestures 4: Forward Flow (2 notes)
Phrasing Gestures 5: Forward Flow (4 notes)
Phrasing Gestures 6: Forward Flow (8 notes)